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Gallimaufry: n. (chiefly literary) a hodgepodge, jumble, or confused medley.

My obsessions are intense but liable to change; they range from juggling to math to Joss Whedon shows. There will be fangirling, there will be very excited posts IN ALL CAPS, and there might be a little bit of pseudo-intelligent musing.

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you’ve already seen them all, but here are some of my personal favourites

oh my god i have way more now and it is starting to become an issue


Josie Lawrence you amazing woman.

So my next project for my video production class is a performance art piece and I kind of want to do something about gender expression/identity/expectations but I also don’t especially want to out myself to my entire class when I haven’t told anyone outside my immediate family (and the internet, I suppose). I have a safe backup option - I can do a thing with juggling - but the gender thing would be way more deep and powerful. Maybe I’ll do both and decide later, or I can figure out a way to do a more general commentary rather than something super personal.

Passive aggressive Witch


I don’t curse people, I bless everyone around them.






Hannibal cannibalizes Angel

GIF request! I'd like Hugh Dancy to act out a pineapple. Thanks! <3



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i have never seen a post with a plot twist like this before

This is the exact mix of wonderful and awful parenting I expect most tumblr users will display in later life.


Oh hey, forgot I did this… or started doing it, at least.


Oh hey, forgot I did this… or started doing it, at least.



Okay, real talk time:

Does Hannibal actually pass the Bechdel test? Because the only times I remember two female characters talking, it was about Will, Hannibal, or Garrett Jacob Hobbs. I have watched the series in a fairly condensed time frame so I could…

I would not call Hannibal *actively* feminist - it does not advocate for women specifically, it does nothing particularly revolutionary in terms of its portrayal of women, and its lead characters are men.

I would, however, call Hannibal *passively* feminist - its female characters are three-dimensional human beings with agency.  They do things for their own reasons, and while much of what we see of them does involve their interaction with men - the story being, after all, about Will and Hannibal primarily - we’re never given the impression that their relationships to these men are the sum of their lives.  Alana veers close to that, in season 2, but I think it’s forgivable in context.  We’ve seen enough of who she is independently that the show can place her in the position of being caught between Will and Hannibal and that conflict largely eating her life (no pun intended), without that reducing her to a contested object.  And I think we see about as many artsy male corpses as artsy female corpses.  Female villains need not be sexy, either. 

So, overall, I think Hannibal is acceptable in feminist terms - you don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying this, as a woman or a feminist.  The show treats women fairly and well.  It is not an example of feminist advocacy, though.